The Great War (detail) Series Gallery

29 Le sacre du printemps et verdun 1914
The Angel of Mons 1914  #2
Mr Asquith
Marshal Oyama
Polygon Wood 1917
Lt Col Alfred Dreyfus 1918
Sir Edward Carson
Old Tommy
Still Life with U-Boat 1918
Marne 1
von Bieberstein
The Angel of Mons 1914 #1
Comte de Chambord
The Angel of Mons 1914 #3
Sopwith Pup
V Lenin
von Moltke
S Freud
Kant's Inner Vision
Ali Pasha
Young Tommy 1914
Gavrilio Princip
von Bernstorff
Messines Ridge
Polygon Wood Stereo View 1917
Commodore Perry
Starry Night on the Somme 1916
Richard Strauss
von Ludendorff
Kaiser Wilhelm
von Tirpitz
Le Cateau 1
Churchill 1915
Count Caprivi
von Roon