The Great War (detail) Series

by Peter Keefer

These collage drawings reflect and represent my response to the actions of the political and military participants most involved in “The Great War” of 1914-1918. We all seem to be against war, but it still keeps happening; men just love to fight and I would just love to have a testosterone test for all who were involved.

I chose this war as a symbol for all wars because it was both long enough ago to be viewed purely as history but recent enough to have had a direct influence on world politics since then. It was also the first war to incorporate the individual violence of the soldier and the mechanized warfare of the 20th century.

A generation died and with it a civilization, messily, in horror, leaving an appalling legacy of guilt. Idealism was betrayed…” P. D. James

I have been working on the (detail) series since 1981. My first subject was Otto von Bismarck, the German Imperial Chancellor, who I feel was one of the primary forces behind the events leading up to the war. Although I have found the Germans to have been the most important contributors, I have included others such as Churchill (England), Marshal Oyama (Japan), the Comte de Chambord (France), Lenin (Russia) and Admiral Mahan (United States). Each had their part in the chaos that was World War I.

The collage areas are a photograph, ink on mylar, or a section of oil on canvas mounted on larger paper and drawn around with the subject’s (so-called) accomplishments in mind. The drawing is oil pastel, lithographic ink and pencil wash and is coated with gel medium and UV resistant acrylic when completed.

May we each walk in the path of beauty towards peace for all.



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