Local restaurant “Hoffnagled”

El Paso

El Paso


Wavelength, Cafe de Olla newsletter, April 21, 1987


Guests at Cafe de Olla will enjoy an art show unmatched to date with the display of Carol Hoffnagle and Peter Keefer’s fascinating floral landscapes. The oversize, (32” x 44”) prints provide a striking mix of bright oversized flowers and subtly grayed colorations highlighted by a supreme clarity of color and dimension.


With a gift for subtraction, Keefer’s landscapes are internationally celebrated. His aim is to take away almost everything and yet have something left. Even his trademark moon can be banished. On the West Coast alone, his art hangs in virtually every major bank, financial institution and corporation.


Hoffnagle’s composition is characteristically off-kilter, as when the flower appears to be growing out of its frame. No slave to botany, she’s apt to create her own species. The artworks will show at Cafe de Olla through April.