Sopwith Pup

oil pastel and pencil drawing on Stonehenge grey paper
15 x 19
WWI series / $300

Our wing is supposed to have a new squadron with the latest Airco D.H.4. This baby has a three-hundred-seventy-five [horsepower] Eagle Rolls Royce engine with a greater ceiling than any ship on our front, and is faster than any of our enemy’s planes, especially above ten thousand [feet].
“It is certain I’m going to be transferred to some other squadron as a flight commander. My promotion to captain came through today and I have been acting flight commander of C Flight for the past two weeks. I would like the Sopwith Triplane or the D.H.4 [he drove the D.H.4], although I hate like hell to leave the Forty-third with fellows like our Major Dore, Captain Balfour [Lord Balfour’s son, later killed in action] and my friend Captain Collier of B Flight.
– Captain Frederick Libby (American), MC, Pilot in the Royal Flying Corps, 1916