Lt Col Alfred Dreyfus 1918

collage painting on Stonehenge grey paper
30 x 22
WWI series / $950

Need I quote my own case to you who so generously felt the same indignation as did all noble and generous minds? Accused, then condemned for an infamous crime of which I was innocent, I received finally a brilliant reparation which was the triumph of truth and right. The victory of France in the present war means the victory of right and humanity and the liberation of all the oppressed peoples. We are the champions of liberty and civilization. The defeat of France would be the defeat of civilization. The martyrdom of Belgium, the crushing of the Serbs, and the extermination of the Armenians are but a foretaste of what a Germanized world would be. France, on the contrary, would realize a Europe where would reign greater justice, greater kindness, and greater humanity.
– Alfred Dreyfus