Peter Biography

In 1979 I was renting a lower duplex in Long Beach CA and an adobe house in Taos NM. After Carol and I met we soon moved all to Long Beach then to Marin County CA in 1984, and moved to Missoula MT in 2003.
Turned out to be a great decision for us, as we feel more at home here than anyplace else we have lived.

My work is my lifeblood, I can’t keep away from it. One of its best aspects for me is that I don’t have to think about it; I just do it. Over the years I have learned to be able to separate my overt thought processes from my work progression, so that the unconscious has a ready path to my hand. The thinking part comes after the image is mostly complete and I have to figure out when to stop.

After silk screen at art school I became acquainted with the collagraph, which is essentially a print of a collage (attaching layers of items to a piece of cardboard). After some years working in that area, I started using photos and parts of old prints glued to a piece of paper and did some drawing and painting around the collage parts using them as inspiration to continue the image.

My other main interest is using computer software to morph my digital photographs into an image that is visually exciting to me.

Graduated Hollywood High School, Hollywood CA 1950

Served, United States Marine Corps, 1954-1956

Graduated California College of Arts & Crafts, Oakland CA 1958
BFA Interior Design, minor in Printmaking
Studied under: Richard Diebenkorn, George Miyawaki, George Post, R. A. Raible, Jason Schoener

Graduate Printmaking classes, San Francisco State University, San Francisco CA,1967 – 1968
Studied under: Glenn Alps

Graduated California State University, Northridge CA, 1970
MA in Printmaking