Kaiser Wilhelm

collage painting on Stonehenge grey paper
30 x 22
WWI series / sold

A young fellow lay on his back, his glazed eyes and his fingers fixed in their last aim. It was a weird sensation to look into those dead and questioning eyes … The horrible was undoubtedly a part of that irresistible attraction that drew us into the war … Among [the] questions that occupied us [before the war] was this: What does it look like when there are dead [people] lying about? … And now at our first glance of horror … [we could] make nothing of it. So it was that we had to stare again and again at these things that we had never seen before, without being able to give them meaning … We looked at all those dead with dislocated limbs, distorted faces, and the hideous colours of decay, as though we walked in a dream through a garden full of strange plants.
– Ernst Jung