von Roon

collage drawing on Stonehenge grey paper
30 x 22
WWI series / $750

Even with the most offensive spirit … nothing more can be achieved than a tedious and bloody crawling forward step by step – here and there by way of an ordinary attack in siege style – in order to slowly win some advantages … We cannot expect rapid and decisive victories. Army and nation will have to get used to that thought early on in order to avoid alarming pessimism right at the beginning of the war … Positional warfare in general, the struggle surrounding long fronts of field fortifications, the siege of large fortresses, must be carried out successfully. Otherwise we will not be able to achieve successes against the French. Hopefully we will then not lack in the necessary intellectual and material preparations and we will, at the decisive moment, be well trained and
equipped for this form of fighting.
– Major General Kopke, Quartermaster German General Staff